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Workday IPO — and What's Next For Workday

In this HCM video blog post, Chuck looks at how the Workday IPO will next impact Workday's application development and global expansion, including new efforts in both the HCM software application and Financials application. Despite analyst and pundit predictions that Workday is not considering M&A tuck-ins or looking to make company acquisitions, Chuck thinks otherwise. He also notes that Workday's talent management software is not keeping up with direct competitors such as Kenexa, Oracle Taleo and SAP SuccessFactors among others, and therefore may well receive much needed new investment to advance this piece of the HCM software portfolio. The Workday IPO will further contribute to Workday's already impressive growth, but put into perspective, Workday's HCM software market share is a small 3.5% when compared to Oracle's 12.4% and SAP's 17.4%. Nevertheless, the Workday IPO is one more milestone which reinforces Workday's place on many HCM software selection shortlists.

HR Technology Conference Take-Aways

This video blog post shares the top strategy and technology take-aways from the 15th annual HR Technology Conference. The narrative looks at the HCM industry news and events, the more significant HR and payroll software product announcements and newly released HR technology research which included some interesting findings from CedarCrestone's 2012-2013 HR Systems Survey, WorkForce Software's third annual Workforce Management Trend report, and SHL's Talent Report.

Oracle OpenWorld HCM & Taleo News and Updates

This HCM video blog post looks at the top HCM technology take-aways from the 2012 Oracle OpenWorld, and how Oracle responded to looming questions in the areas of cloud HCM, mobility, its aging E-Business and PeopleSoft suites and its new Fusion HCM flagship solution. Chuck examines how Oracle Fusion HCM software is being adopted, and why HCM software buyers are choosing not to adopt the application. He also examines new payroll and HR software functionality announcements and releases, particularly in the areas of HR mobile solutions for PeopleSoft, and the new Oracle Fusion Tap. Finally, this narrative looks at how the Taleo talent management system is advancing, and integrating with Oracle Fusion HCM.

How to apply Gamification to HR

In this HR video blog post, Chuck advises how and why gamification offers a unique business opportunity to HCM and business leaders to improve employee engagement, influence behaviors, facilitate outcomes and stimulate innovation by applying gaming methods and techniques to non-gaming contexts. This HR talk also shares gamification research facts, some examples which have delivered big paybacks and recommendations in how to get started from analysts such as Gartner. This HCM video blog post gives HR and HCM leaders the research points and salient information they need in order to determine if gamification is the right business opportunity for them to consider further.




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